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It’s been a hot summer and the regional factoring companies are being acquired at a record pace. Last month three more factors were purchased by out-of-state banks.  This is accelerating the trend of new banking institutions entering the market by purchasing local factoring companies.

As a professional, it’s important you know that when you refer a business to a factoring company, its management is stable and that the factoring company is not simply feeding all their customers to their home bank.  A referral is not only a reflection on you but it also creates an opportunity for that business to return to you once the company has grown and become bankable.  It’s more important than ever that you know the factoring company who is your referral partner. 

American Receivable Corporation has been locally owned and managed for 39 years.  We have grown tremendously and have been recognized as the best factoring company in America for the last three years.  We owe so much of our success to our referral partners who have trusted us with their clients throughout our time in business.

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