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What Makes Us Stand Out from Other Factoring Companies?

Here are a few reasons why for over 40 years, small businesses in the Dallas - Fort Worth Area and beyond have relied on American Receivable for their invoice factoring needs.

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Invoice factoring is when a business owner sells their accounts receivable for cash, helping the owner to continue to grow their company.  Slow paying customers can cause a bottleneck in a company’s cash flow, and banks are hesitant to lend in this current economy.  Factoring offers a fast solution that does not create debt or sell of equity.

Factoring is not based on your credit score; it is based on your customer’s creditworthiness allowing you to generate cash in as fast as 24 hours instead of 60 days.  American Receivable has a short, simple on-line application.

For over 40 years, American Receivable has been owned and managed by the same factoring professionals who are dedicated to each client and their specific needs.

Over the years, our commitment to providing our clients with responsive customer service and the most competitive rates in the industry has made us the go-to source for factoring in Texas and throughout the nation.

American Receivable is a traditional factoring company we base our decisions on the strength of the client’s customers, the product or service and not on the client’s credit history or bottom line.

We don’t set limits on our customers.  We want them to grow and develop so that they eventually can lean on their banks for continued growth when needed. 

American Receivable works with companies in various stages of reorganization or poor credit. A company’s credit worthiness is less important to us. Because small businesses have limited resources available and often lack the time to focus on unproductive issues such as cash management, American Receivable works hand in hand with their clients to ease the operational stress, helping speed their return to profitability and transition to traditional bank financing.

Let invoice factoring be your source of cash flow when traditional funding sources are unable to provide your business with a loan. American Receivable prides itself in its independence from banks. Because we base our decision not on your credit score – but that of your customer’s ability to pay their invoices – we are able to provide much needed funding to businesses that otherwise might be turned down by a bank. We help put cash flow back into the business to get them going on the right track. 

If you are looking for financial assistance to help continue your business and get the growth that you have always dreamed of, but have been denied by banks. Then, you might be the perfect candidate for American Receivable.  We work with anyone who has outstanding accounts receivable invoices.  If you have been turned down by the bank for a traditional loan, then you need to reach out.  

American Receivable can provide your business with immediate funding. While there are many invoice factoring companies out there, we are not all the same.  Some use bank funding, which can make things a little more challenging, even with invoice factoring.  We, however, do not rely on the banks.  Because of this, we can get you approved in sometimes as short as 24 hours.  The other companies might take weeks, we take days.  We understand that it is critical to your business to get these funds so that you can complete your orders and move to get more business. 

We take pride in the fact that we are a small business ourselves.  We work with many small businesses to get them up and running as they should.  This will allow you to improve your credit and build a reputation for your bank.  Eventually, our clients will get themselves in a position that banks will be happy to step in and help out.  Banks have lending rules they must follow and these rules are looking at you and your company and not the big picture.

As a factoring company, we take a holistic view of your company’s health. We are not interested in your personal income, credit score, and business credit. Rather, it’s  accounts receivables that determine if we will be a good partner for your company. 

Invoice factoring will allow your company to continue operations while waiting for slow paying customers.  The boost in cash flow that receivable factoring provides will help you to continue your operations and put less strain on your overall business as a whole.  

Go ahead, give us a call, or fill out an application.   If you have been turned down banks, there is hope.  We have helped 1000s of clients save their business and get back on their feet.  We are here to help you as well.  What’s the worst that could happen?  You are in the same spot you are now?  Take the step and apply today.

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