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What Is Invoice Factoring?

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What is Invoice Factoring and How Can It Help Your Business?

Invoice factoring is a widely-used form of financing among growing companies, recovering businesses and entrepreneurs.

Many of the largest and most stable corporations in America and Europe utilize invoice factoring as a means to speed up their cash flow so that they can seize opportunities to increase their market share.

Advantages of Factoring over Traditional Financing:

  • Invoice factoring provides an unlimited line of working capital, limited only by the amount of business you can generate, not on the amount of your assets
  • You qualify for cash advances based on your customer’s creditworthiness, not yours
  • Invoice factoring does not increase your debt position
  • Invoice factoring can help improve your credit rating & collections
  • New orders generate cash within 24 hours – not 60 days
  • No time-consuming audits are required – and no restrictions on the use of proceeds


Proceeds from Factoring can be used to:

  • Increase your sales
  • Take supplier discounts
  • Increase your staff or fund payroll
  • Purchase new equipment
  • Increase your inventory
  • Improve your credit rating

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