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Providing Financial Resources to Small Businesses

small business invoice factoring

Since 1979, American Receivable has provided small businesses with the financial resources they need to grow, increase inventory, make payroll on time and effectively compete in the marketplace.

We do this by speeding up cash flow that you have tied up in accounts receivable. Factoring is simply turning over your accounts receivable in exchange for cash now. By offering the most competitive rates in the industry and uncompromising customer service, American Receivable has become the go-to resource for invoice factoring in the country.

American Receivable is owner managed which allows flexibility and individually designed cash management programs for its clients. American Receivable also provides value-added services such as free Dun and Bradstreet reports which allows them more time to focus on the day–to-day activities of their business.

There are no up-front fees, hidden costs or long-term contracts, which are common with our competitors.

For 40 years American Receivable has worked closely with banks and their existing customers who do not meet the traditional lending criteria. Through these relationships, American Receivable is able to assist these customers by improving cash flow, for the short and long term.

At the end of the factoring relationship, most if not all of these referral customers return to the bank and are able to obtain traditional financing.

American Receivable Executive Team

American Receivable has over 100 years of combined financial service experience.

Besides our outstanding professionals, find out what makes us better than other factoring companies.

John A. Stieber

Chairman Emeritus

A professor for more than 30 years at Southern Methodist University, Mr. Stieber is currently Professor Emeritus of Finance and Economics.

A noted business author and lecturer, Mr. Stieber has been a consultant to a number of fortune 100 companies and has served on various Boards of Directors in the finance, high tech, and manufacturing industries.

Mr. Stieber has been involved in activities at the Caruth Institute of Owner-Managed Business at SMU and was responsible for managing the Student Endowment Fund there. Mr. Stieber also served as Director of the Graduate Finance Certificate Program and was Co-Director of the renowned MBA program.

Jack Stieber


Mr. Stieber has been a pioneer in the factoring industry in Texas and the Southwest for over 40 years. As a founder of American Receivable Corporation, he has helped countless businesses succeed with his innovative solutions to financing.

As President of American Receivable, Mr. Stieber works closely with clients to ensure their needs are being met and that the services provided by American Receivable are on the cutting edge. Additionally, Mr. Stieber works closely with banks, professional associations and other financial institutions educating them on the benefits of factoring.

Brad Gurney

Executive Vice President

As a founder of American Receivable, Mr. Gurney has helped establish the American Receivable name in Texas and the Southwest making it synonymous with professionalism, integrity and stability.

Mr. Gurney’s primary focus with American Receivable and area of expertise is new business development and establishing and maintaining customer relationships. The emphasis on establishing relationships with its clients is one of the cornerstones upon which American Receivable was built and which to date remains the most important.

Dakota Stieber

Chief Operating Officer

Dakota was brought in as a part of the management team at ARC. He oversees all aspects of daily operations and credit management at American Receivable. His work includes business development, underwriting, and client services. He meets with bankers and other referral sources to bring prospective clients that American Receivable can help further their growth and success in business.

Dakota is client oriented, working with current clients to advise and ensure all their needs are met, and that they are receiving everything bespoken to them and expected from ARC, as well as training new clients on proper procedures to guarantee their success, growth and overall happiness with their business while both with and after their partnership with ARC. He also works with prospective clients to guide them through the process so they can transition quickly and easily to the program.

Dakota also oversees and initiates changes within the company to keep up with the growing demand of the industry, without compromising the excellent quality of service that clients deserve and have come to expect from American Receivable.

American Receivable