Be Prepared To Find Funding

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As banks are growing more conservative in their lending, many business owners are being turned down for a bank loan.  Since the need for additional capital did not disappear when a loan request is denied, business owners will look to alternative lenders to meet their need.  Accounts receivable factoring is the solution.  Like applying for […]

Good News! Positive Cash Flow Is a Click Away

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Business owners are scrambling to hire more employees to take advantage of the growing economy.  Another challenge entrepreneurs must solve is finding the cash to finance a growing company.  For 43 years American Receivable has helped both small and medium sized business meet payroll, pay for daily operations, and grow their business.  By taking advantage […]

Educate Yourself to Get the Best Factor

A business owner will quickly face information overload when trying to research invoice financing or accounts receivable factoring on the Web.  The first thing a business owner must do is sort thru all the paid ads.  Many of these ads are not even from funding sources, but from brokers who get paid by placing you […]

Life After the Paycheck Protection Program

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The good news is the government is offering another round of paycheck protection program (PPP) funding for small business.  This round is slightly more restrictive as to who can receive it and who qualify for forgiveness.  The bad news is that businesses looking for working capital or expansion loans will find their bank totally consumed […]

Best Rated Eight Years in a Row!

The prestigious website  has just announced their best factors for 2021.  For EIGHT years running American Receivable has been rated as the BEST factor for small, medium enterprises! found that;    “American Receivable is an excellent factoring service with fast turnarounds, no monthly minimums and a long, reputable business history”. uses a vetting […]

Is Invoice Factoring Right For Your Small Business?

small business invoice factoring

What Factoring Is and What It Isn’t Factoring is not a loan.  You are not paying the factor back, your customer is.  Factoring is not a good solution for long term debt like buying a building or equipment.  And factoring is not an option for companies in the pre-revenue stage. Factoring, also known as accounts […]

I’ve Been Turned Down by the Bank Now What?

Loan declined by banks

Having enough cash on hand to operate and grow a business has always been challenging.  This year has made the search for additional money even more difficult.  Earlier this year banks were entirely consumed with PPP loans.  With the uncertain economy banks have become more cautious. A recent survey showed that more companies have been […]

You Might Need a Factor If…

Tips to Help Your Business Succeed During Unpredictable Times

For many people starting and running their own business is their number one goal.  Being your own boss, creating jobs for other people and having the pride of ownership are some of the reasons that entrepreneurs start their own company.  One hurdle that that business owners must overcome is obtaining the necessary funding to pay […]

Are You Getting Everything Out of Your Invoice Factoring Company?

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Banks are seeing steady demand for loan request. But due to tightened credit standards, few loans are being approved.  This makes alternative lenders; like invoice factoring, even more important to keep the economy going. As more business owners turn to factoring as their financial solution there is a growing amount of confusion about account receivable […]

Finish 2020 Strong

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The challenges of 2020 have not stopped.  Looking back at the end of 2019 business owners were getting ready for another banner year.  The red-hot economy allowed some companies to succeed despite some sloppy business practices.  Here are some tips that would help a company thrive in a good economy and survive when times are […]