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Staffing Agency Chooses Receivables Factoring Company for Growth

In the fast-paced world of staffing agencies, maintaining a steady cash flow is crucial for sustaining growth and seizing new opportunities. One Texas staffing company, which has been thriving since its inception in 2007, understands this necessity all too well. They owe a significant part of their early and ongoing success to partnering with American Receivable, a leading receivables factoring company. This relationship has not only helped them stabilize their cash flow during their formative years but also enabled them to embrace new, larger contracts with confidence.

The Early Years: A Strategic Partnership

When the staffing company was founded in 2007, the owner faced the typical challenges of a new business: managing operational costs, paying employees on time, and covering expenses while waiting for clients to pay their invoices. Traditional financing options were limited, but the business owner found a reliable solution in American Receivable.

American Receivable provided the staffing company with receivables factoring services, which transformed their outstanding invoices into immediate cash. This approach allowed the staffing agency to maintain a positive cash flow, ensuring that payroll and other expenses were covered without delay. By factoring their receivables, the company could focus on growing their client base and enhancing their services rather than worrying about financial constraints.

The Road to Self-Sufficiency

After two years of partnering with American Receivable, the staffing agency reached a point where they could sustain their cash flow independently. The business had grown significantly, and the cash flow generated from their increasing client base was sufficient to cover their expenses. The successful utilization of receivables factoring during their critical growth phase played a pivotal role in reaching this milestone.

However, the relationship with American Receivable didn’t end there. The owner knew that the option to factor receivables was always available should the need arise. This assurance provided a safety net that allowed the company to continue taking calculated risks and pursuing growth opportunities.

A New Chapter of Growth

Fast forward to the present day, and the staffing agency has recently secured two major contracts that will triple their business size. These contracts represent a significant opportunity, but also bring substantial challenges, particularly regarding cash flow management. To successfully handle the increased demand and scale their operations, the business owner once again turned to American Receivable.

The decision to re-engage with American Receivable was an easy one. The staffing agency needed immediate access to working capital to hire additional staff, manage payroll, and cover other operational expenses associated with the new contracts. By leveraging the receivables factoring services of American Receivable, the company could convert their new invoices into instant cash, thus ensuring they had the necessary funds to support their rapid expansion.

Benefits Beyond Cash Flow

Choosing American Receivable as their receivables factoring company offered the staffing agency more than just cash flow solutions. American Receivable provided valuable benefits such as:

  • Quick Access to Funds: With American Receivable, the staffing agency could receive cash within 24 hours of submitting their invoices. This quick turnaround was critical for meeting the demands of their new contracts.
  • Credit Management: American Receivable helped the staffing agency evaluate the creditworthiness of their new clients. This service reduced the risk of non-payment and ensured that the company could maintain a healthy cash flow.
  • Administrative Support: By outsourcing their accounts receivable management to American Receivable, the staffing agency could focus on their core business activities. This support included handling collections and managing invoicing, which freed up valuable time and resources.
  • Scalability: As the staffing agency continued to grow, American Receivable’s factoring services scaled with them. This flexibility allowed the company to take on new business without the limitations imposed by traditional financing methods.


The story of this staffing agency is a testament to the power of strategic financial partnerships. By choosing American Receivable as their receivables factoring company, the business was able to overcome early financial challenges, achieve self-sufficiency, and confidently pursue significant growth opportunities. The renewed partnership with American Receivable is set to support the company’s next phase of expansion, ensuring they have the cash flow and resources necessary to thrive in a competitive industry.

For any business looking to stabilize their cash flow and unlock growth potential, American Receivable stands out as a reliable and invaluable partner. Whether you are in the early stages of your business journey or facing new opportunities for expansion, receivables factoring with American Receivable can provide the financial flexibility and support needed for sustained success.

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