Examine Your Funding Options

Reviewing documentation

As banks become more conservative in their lending practices many business owners are turning to alternative lenders to meet their financing needs.  Business owners can quickly be overwhelmed by all the web-based business lenders.  Many of these lenders will deluge a business owner with requests for bank statements and offers to take money today.  Some […]

Are You Ready to Be An Entrepreneur?

It takes many skills to start and manage your own company.  Many founders wish they had learned some of those skills in school instead of on the job. Whether trying to land a new client or manage employees, entrepreneurs are constantly faced with situations they were not trained to handle.  In hindsight, many founders wish […]

What is Cash Flow in Business?

cash flow

Cash flow is the movement of money in and out or your business. The amount of positive cash flow is what funders look at when evaluating a company.  Successful businesses have a positive cash flow.  When a company is paid money by a customer is an example of positive cash flow.  An example of negative […]

Small Business Funding

small business funding

Finding funding for your business can be challenging, but with a bit of work and planning, you can find the money you need to help your company grow.  Many small and medium sized businesses are held back by lack of money. Here are some ideas to help you secure funding for your business. If your […]

Factoring for Staffing Companies is a Recipe for Success

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Many companies struggle to meet payroll and operating expenses, especially when their customers are slow to pay their invoice.  Staffing companies often experience this pain when they have weekly payroll but are only getting paid every 30 days by their customers.  Factoring is the solution for this common problem. Simple Successful staffing companies know better […]

Speed Up Your Cashflow

Cash Flow

The Small Business Administration cites that over 50% of businesses fail in their first five years.  Most of the business owners listed negative cash flow as the number one reason they had to close doors.  Negative cash flow can limit your ability to pay bills on time, limits growth opportunities and ultimately forces a business […]

How a Factoring Company Can Help Your Staffing Company Flourish

staffing company

Many companies are outsourcing a large portion of their hiring to staffing companies.  But it can be extremely difficult for a start-up or a fast-growing staffing company to keep ahead of its payroll.  Because staffing companies usually pay their employees on a daily or weekly basis, waiting a month or more for customers to pay […]

How to Create a Rainy Day Fund for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, one of the best pieces of advice you’ll ever get is to never get too comfortable when things are running smooth. In the same way traffic accidents occur unexpectedly and natural disasters occur without notice, your business can also suffer painful emergencies. When it does, you need to be in […]

Cash Flow Solutions For Staffing Companies

Cash Flow Solutions For Staffing Companies

Staffing company owners know that happiness is positive cash flow.  But there are times when entrepreneurs are caught in a cash crunch.  The long-term fix is to do a detailed examination of every expense, analyze pricing and investigate raising additional capital.  This process will take time but won’t help you meet payroll by Friday.  Every […]

Business Strategies for Cash Flow

small business cash flow

Strategies to turnaround a struggling business with cash flow problems has many sides. Benefits, payroll and other expenses directly related to the number of people working for a company may be one of the largest expenses. There may be areas where a company can cut cost by eliminating positions that are no longer necessary and […]