Invoice Factoring for Austin Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs know that it always pays to have plenty of options. Most importantly options for: Employees Vendors Customers Funding By having several suppliers an entrepreneur can obtain the best prices for inventory.  A choice of employees means that an entrepreneur can withstand employee turnover.  A steady stream of customers assures strong margins and a […]

Five Ways to Avoid Slow Paying Customers

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What happens when a  customers starts taking longer to pay your invoices? Your cash flow slows down, hindering  your ability to cover payroll and other operating expenses.   However, a business owner must be cautious when demanding payment from their customers.  While you do not want to jeopardize future business, you have to maintain your own […]

Go Independent for the Best in Factoring

The longer you run your own company, the more you value a partner that is on your side and is always honest about what they can deliver.  For a growing business, choosing the right factoring company can be the difference between continued growth and hitting a wall. Invoice factoring companies have traditionally been independently owned […]

The Evolution of Receivable Factoring

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Factoring has been around for centuries.  Business owners have always had a need for additional financing.  And factoring accounts receivable has always been a reliable source of alternative finance.  Still, factoring is typically a small part of the curriculum in most university finance departments.  Let’s take a look at the history and evolution of receivable […]

Invoice Factoring: A Wise Choice Over Credit Cards

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Starting any business is always a capital intensive endeavor.  Many business owners are forced to use their own personal credit cards to supplement the cash they have raised to get their business running.  This strategy can be successful but can be very costly to both the company and the business owner. There are many financing […]

What Is a Traditional Factoring Company?

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Business owners take advantage of invoice factoring for fast and simple access to cash. Selling their accounts receivable gives a business owner access to the cash needed to fund ongoing operations and growth.  Start-ups and smaller businesses often do not meet the criteria for a traditional business loan from a bank. Small, large, and even […]

Managing Working Capital

Managing Working Capital

Financial experts agree that managing working capital and maintain cash flow is critical to a small businesses’ successes.  For young companies finding additional sources of working capital can be especially challenging.  More and more companies are finding cash flow relief by turning to alternative lending companies, like factoring. Traditional banks have several policies that make […]

Invoice Factoring Versus Traditional Bank Loans

Invoice Factoring Versus Traditional Bank Loans

What’s the difference between factoring and traditional bank loans?  When searching for financing business owners typically turn to banks for a loan.  In many cases, this option is ideal, but there are times when invoice factoring is preferable – for several reasons. Traditional Bank Loans With traditional bank loans, you provide the bank with the […]

Cash Flow Solutions For Staffing Companies

Cash Flow Solutions For Staffing Companies

Staffing company owners know that happiness is positive cash flow.  But there are times when entrepreneurs are caught in a cash crunch.  The long-term fix is to do a detailed examination of every expense, analyze pricing and investigate raising additional capital.  This process will take time but won’t help you meet payroll by Friday.  Every […]

How to Grow Your Small Business

How To Grow Your Small Business

5 Tips to Grow Your Small Business Over half a million Americans start new businesses each month but about one-quarter of all new businesses fail within the first four years According to a recent Business 2 Community article by contributor Sarah Daren, one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is inadequate cash flow.  “Many small […]