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Factoring to the Rescue!

We received a call from a healthcare staffing company in Los Angeles.  They were less than six months in business and have already outpaced their sales projections.  Their very serious problem was their customers were taking 45 days to pay.  Their growth was out pacing their cash flow.  A recent SBA study found that over 80% of business failures can be attributed to cash flow issues, and this company needed a fast solution to avoid becoming another statistic.

How Does Factoring Help Business Growth?

During our short conversation we explained how they could sell their invoices to us and cash flow their growing business.  Later that day they submitted our application and two days later American Receivable was buying their invoices!  In one phone call the healthcare staffing company had found a long-term solution to their cash crunch.

Since 1978 American Receivable Corporation has helped staffing companies stay cash flow positive!  Our team of specialists assist our clients with all their factoring needs. Healthcare staffing, IT Staffing, Industrial Staffing, Manufactures, Distributors and Service companies have all benefited from our affordable factoring program.  Call us today at 1-800-297-6652 to see how factoring at American Receivable Corporation can launch your company to it’s next level.



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