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Building Stronger Teams: 4 Strategies for Business Owners

small business

In the fast-paced world of business, one undeniable truth remains: a company is only as strong as its team. The success of any enterprise hinges on the collective effort, synergy, and morale of its workforce. As a business owner, nurturing a positive and cohesive team culture is paramount. Let’s explore four effective strategies to enhance […]

Client Spotlight: The Cycle of Challenge and Success

Client Spotlight

American Receivable honors Germaine, one of our clients who provides warehouse workers around the DFW metroplex. The current labor shortage has created a need for creativity to fill the demand for workers. Germaine’s motivation has always been an effort to assist people trying to recover from setbacks, has been meeting this challenge for over five […]

Referral Sources Prove Valuable Again To American Receivable

Referral Sources Receivable Factoring

American Receivable thanks our referral sources for these new clients! IT Staffing in Arizona.  Needs factoring to cashflow a new government contract.  $350k a month. Wire Manufacturing in Illinois.  Established company sold, new owner using factoring to cover operating costs.  $725k a month. Oil & Gas Service company in Texas.  Customer extended payment terms.  ARC […]

How Are You Managing Credit Risk

credit risk management

With cash flow stretched to its breaking point for many businesses, the consequences of late, or worse yet, non-payment has never been more dangerous. Deciding which customers to extend credit to has never been more difficult. There is lots of credit information on the internet. But it is often expensive, hard to interpret and the […]

Honesty is the Best Policy

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Especially when applying for invoice factoring! From childhood we are taught to be honest.  But when it comes to filing out an application for financing business owners seem to forget that important early lesson. After submitting a factoring application, the accounts receivable financing companies’ job is to make sure your business is a good fit […]

Factoring to the Rescue!

a group of healthcare workers

We received a call from a healthcare staffing company in Los Angeles.  They were less than six months in business and have already outpaced their sales projections.  Their very serious problem was their customers were taking 45 days to pay.  Their growth was out pacing their cash flow.  A recent SBA study found that over […]

Overlooked Relationships

Business person shaking hands with an invoice factoring professional.

Welcome to 2020!  Most business owners will share a very similar list of goals for the New Year.  Trying to reduce costs, add customers, improve margins are resolutions most entrepreneurs share.  These goals are numbers oriented but they are all driven by relationships.  An often overlooked, but crucial relationship for the business owner is with […]

Thanksgiving Through the Years

Thanksgiving Through the Years The first Thanksgiving in Plymouth Colony which is now Massachusetts was in 1621.  The last Thursday in November was declared a national day of thanksgiving by Abraham Lincoln  200 years later.  In 1941 Congress made Thanksgiving an official national holiday. A day of “thanks” and “giving”. Thanksgiving has traditionally been a […]

Business Partnerships: A Necessary Risk

Business Partnerships: A Necessary Risk Starting a business is an exciting venture.  Sole proprietorship allows you the freedom to Implement your own ideas, business procedures, and schedules as you wish.  The decisions you make will not impact anyone except you. Working alone can be difficult when trying to jump-start a new business.  Most people need […]