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Referral Sources Prove Valuable Again To American Receivable

American Receivable thanks our referral sources for these new clients!

  • IT Staffing in Arizona.  Needs factoring to cashflow a new government contract.  $350k a month.
  • Wire Manufacturing in Illinois.  Established company sold, new owner using factoring to cover operating costs.  $725k a month.
  • Oil & Gas Service company in Texas.  Customer extended payment terms.  ARC came to the rescue with a flexible factoring program.  $120k a month.
  • Cell Tower Service in California.  Start up that has outgrown their capital.  $45k a month.
  • Health Care Staffing in Alabama.  Growing nurse staffing company. $180k a month.
  • Utility Contractor in Texas.  Needs factoring to expand into new regions.  $200k a month. 

We offer the highest commission structure in the factoring industry.  Do you have clients that would benefit from our factoring service?

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