Invoice Factoring for Austin Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs know that it always pays to have plenty of options. Most importantly options for: Employees Vendors Customers Funding By having several suppliers an entrepreneur can obtain the best prices for inventory.  A choice of employees means that an entrepreneur can withstand employee turnover.  A steady stream of customers assures strong margins and a […]

Five Ways to Avoid Slow Paying Customers

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What happens when a  customers starts taking longer to pay your invoices? Your cash flow slows down, hindering  your ability to cover payroll and other operating expenses.   However, a business owner must be cautious when demanding payment from their customers.  While you do not want to jeopardize future business, you have to maintain your own […]

Starting a Small Business in Texas

More and more large companies are moving their headquarters and operations to Texas to take advantage of an advantageous business climate.  This same favorable business climate has helped create over 3 million small businesses in Texas.  If you’re thinking of starting your own business these seven steps will help you along.  It’s always a good […]

ARC Celebrates Mother’s Day

“Good mothers are love itself, and that never grows old, in this world or the next.” Mike Kerrigan, WSJ Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at American Receivable

Go Independent for the Best in Factoring

The longer you run your own company, the more you value a partner that is on your side and is always honest about what they can deliver.  For a growing business, choosing the right factoring company can be the difference between continued growth and hitting a wall. Invoice factoring companies have traditionally been independently owned […]

American Receivable Celebrates National Small Business Week

national small business week

American Receivable a 43 year old factoring company still identifies with small business.  Our founders are still involved in daily operations and management. The lessons they have learned have been passed on to our staff and clients.  Over the years as we have helped many small businesses achieve their goals, American Receivable has also provided […]

What is Cash Flow in Business?

cash flow

Cash flow is the movement of money in and out or your business. The amount of positive cash flow is what funders look at when evaluating a company.  Successful businesses have a positive cash flow.  When a company is paid money by a customer is an example of positive cash flow.  An example of negative […]

Small Business Funding

small business funding

Finding funding for your business can be challenging, but with a bit of work and planning, you can find the money you need to help your company grow.  Many small and medium sized businesses are held back by lack of money. Here are some ideas to help you secure funding for your business. If your […]