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Factoring for Staffing Companies is a Recipe for Success

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Many companies struggle to meet payroll and operating expenses, especially when their customers are slow to pay their invoice.  Staffing companies often experience this pain when they have weekly payroll but are only getting paid every 30 days by their customers.  Factoring is the solution for this common problem. Simple Successful staffing companies know better […]

American Receivable To The Rescue

American Receivable To The Rescue

We sincerely appreciate our trusted partners for these referrals: Specialty Rigging Company needs factoring to expand into a new market.  $150k a month. Oilfield Trucking Company has cashflow needs with a growing business.  $75k a month. Investigation and Security Startup using factoring to finance growth.  $120k a month. We continue to offer the highest commission […]

Referral Sources Prove Valuable Again To American Receivable

Referral Sources Receivable Factoring

American Receivable thanks our referral sources for these new clients! IT Staffing in Arizona.  Needs factoring to cashflow a new government contract.  $350k a month. Wire Manufacturing in Illinois.  Established company sold, new owner using factoring to cover operating costs.  $725k a month. Oil & Gas Service company in Texas.  Customer extended payment terms.  ARC […]

Don’t Miss the Signals That Your Business Needs Revamping

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Whether you’re a production or a service company, the heartbeat of your company is the financial management. Money comes in and goes out quickly, it’s critical to ensure that all transactions are being recorded correctly. As your business grows, your customer base and your supply chain will become more complex. Keeping your financial records current […]

Small Business Finance Basics

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Small business finance can be confusing for many startups.  Properly setting up your financial books is vital for the success of any small business. Accurate bookkeeping will help you better manage your resources, find strategies to minimize debt and forecast economic trends to help you make the most returns from your investment. Additionally, you need […]

Is Invoice Factoring Right For Your Small Business?

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What Factoring Is and What It Isn’t Factoring is not a loan.  You are not paying the factor back, your customer is.  Factoring is not a good solution for long term debt like buying a building or equipment.  And factoring is not an option for companies in the pre-revenue stage. Factoring, also known as accounts […]

Are You Replaceable?

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Several months ago, we started factoring a company that had a great opportunity to double its business.  By taking advantage of our invoice factoring program, our client has more than doubled it’s sales in this short period of time.  In fact, two weeks ago our client received even more orders!  Our client had to deal […]

4 Tips to Help Your Business Succeed During Unpredictable Times

Tips to Help Your Business Succeed During Unpredictable Times

Starting and running a business has never been easy. It takes a lot of grit and determination even in the best of times. Suddenly, the red-hot economy of 2019 has come to screeching halt with entrepreneurs trying to figure out PPP loans and how they can stay in business while working remotely. Here are four […]

Grow Your Business With Factoring

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American Receivable assists entrepreneurs increase sales by factoring invoices.  Providing steady, predictable cash flow to our client so they can grow their business without incurring debt or giving up equity.  Giving our clients a brighter future. Running a business is hard work.  Whether you’re a start up or an established enterprise there is always a […]