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Are You Replaceable?

Several months ago, we started factoring a company that had a great opportunity to double its business.  By taking advantage of our invoice factoring program, our client has more than doubled it’s sales in this short period of time.  In fact, two weeks ago our client received even more orders! 

Our client had to deal with the expected growing pains of supplies, deliveries and hiring additional employees. The added difficulty to this success story is that the owner lives in Michigan, and his company is in McAllen, Texas.  The owner was making frequent trips to make sure his business was running smoothly.  Then he caught Covid-19!  The owner is home in Michigan recovering.  For the first week he was too sick to even return email.  His business has dropped off significantly without his daily management.  Our client never gave his key employees the training and the power to operate his business without him there.

It’s so easy for the owner of the business to continue to do everything themselves as their business grows,  but without delegating responsibilities and cross training key personnel; business owners are limiting their chances at success and increasing their odds of failing.  Ask yourself, if you were to miss a month of work, what would happen to your business?  Would it continue to run like a well-oiled machine or would it break down with indecision and lack of direction?  It’s up to you the owner to train your employees and delegate the responsibilities so that your business will operate in your absence.

American Receivable is a 42-year-old invoice factoring company that helps it’s clients grow even in the roughest economies.  Our clients benefit not only from turning their invoices into cash, but also by our extensive credit files that let our clients know who still deserves to be shipped to on Net terms.  We are still managed by the founders.  To learn how American Receivable can help your business become cash flow positive, call Jack Stieber or Brad Gurney at 972-404-4726 or call complete our quick application form.


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