Word art that spells "Grace"

Show Amazing Grace

The religious definition of Grace is unearned favor. Culturally we show Grace when we initiate kindness. The stresses of life are reflected on social media sites and the news. Tempers are on display as adults have tantrums over a request to wear a mask.  It seems everyone’s nerves are on edge. A never-ending pandemic, divisive politics, and racial tension has been bringing out the worst in people’s behaviors.

This weekend I picked up my dry-cleaning, for the first time since February! After 16 years in business, Nazeem’s business is another victim of Covid-19. He is closing his store and will have to file bankruptcy. Despite Nazeem’s situation, he showed each customer appreciation for their business and concern for their family. A display of Grace.

Ken has a shoeshine stand in our building. Every other Thursday his smile and heartfelt “good morning” greeted all who entered our building.  Ken kept my shoes looking new while we shared about each other’s life. Ken has COPD so we have not seen him since February. Last week I saw Ken in our lobby, he was checking on his shoeshine stand. He said his doctor has not cleared him to go back to work, but he insisted on shining my shoes! Another display of Grace.

These two displays of grace remind me how even the smallest acts of kindness will continue to ripple out with additional acts of kindness. We can still see smiles behind a mask and hear an extra loud “Good Morning!” Small acts of grace repeat themselves many times over, and I for one am grateful to receive a small act of grace.


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