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Protect Your Business With Factoring

It seems the world is getting scarier by the day.  The business world is no exception to this observation.  Business owners have had to adapt to working from home and then ever so careful reopen.  While dealing with safety and physical health issues of its employees and customers, business owners must also stay focused on the financial storms that are on our doorstep.  Bankruptcies in the retail and the oil and gas industries are just getting started.  Companies in all industries are taking longer and longer to pay their vendors.  This leaves business owners even more exposed to the risks of negative cash flow.

As once reliable customers who always paid their bills on time suddenly become candidates for bankruptcy, even seasoned business owners can lack the expertise needed to navigate this pandemic ravaged economy.  Large organizations have a full time Chief Financial Officer to help manage these risks.  This often leaves small business owners lacking the expertise needed to mitigate their customers increased credit risk.

By factoring with American Receivable, a business owner now has a team that specializes in monitoring their customers credit strength and expertly assists in getting slow paying customers to pay within agreed upon terms.  Using American Receivable to factor your invoices provides the cash flow you need to maintain operations while growing your company.  Our seasoned team is constantly monitoring your customers financial health using multiple credit sources.  With the help of our knowledgeable staff, our clients see their customers go from slow payment to prompt payment.  Protect your business from the risks of negative cash flow – call Jack Stieber or Brad Gurney at 972-404-4726 or call complete our quick application form.

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