Create a Customer Focused Culture

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Artificial Intelligence, chat bots, the cloud are all changing the way we work.  In most cases the change is for the better.  But there are some things that still require the human touch.  Despite all the automation advances in technology, nothing can replace a caring, empowered employee for great customer service.  This philosophy must be […]

Customer Care Versus Phone Trees

Customer Care

Everyone dreads having to call customer service.  What was once a straightforward procedure has now become an obstacle course of pressing 2 for English, yelling “representative” repeatedly, and deciphering a foreign dialect.  All these customer service features are supposed to make the companies’ service more accessible while keeping costs down.  But experientially they are frustrating […]

Customer Care Versus Phone Trees

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At ARC you won’t find maddening phone trees, pressing 2 for English, waiting for a Chat-Bot to answer a question or outsourcing customer care to a different country. You WILL find: Phone calls being promptly answered by a real person! Our account reps truly care for their client’s success. 24/7 real time account access. Managed […]

How a Factoring Company Can Help Your Staffing Company Flourish

staffing company

Many companies are outsourcing a large portion of their hiring to staffing companies.  But it can be extremely difficult for a start-up or a fast-growing staffing company to keep ahead of its payroll.  Because staffing companies usually pay their employees on a daily or weekly basis, waiting a month or more for customers to pay […]

Use Your Corporate Culture to Keep Your Best Employees

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Finding good employees is always challenging.  Keeping good employees is critical.  When employees are not happy with the company work environment and other jobs are available, they are likely to leave for greener pastures.  Nurturing a positive corporate culture will improve morale and increase employee retention. The best job seekers want to work at a […]

Educate Yourself to Get the Best Factor

A business owner will quickly face information overload when trying to research invoice financing or accounts receivable factoring on the Web.  The first thing a business owner must do is sort thru all the paid ads.  Many of these ads are not even from funding sources, but from brokers who get paid by placing you […]

Mold Your Business Around Trust and Integrity

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In today’s connected world customers have countless options at their fingertips when deciding who to do business with.  Customers have become more discriminating in who they do business with, that is why it so critical to gain your customers’ trust. Your company must succeed in three categories: product/service quality, customer interactions, and public concerns to […]

Five Tips to Help Your Small Business Thrive During Uncertain Times

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Starting and running a small business has never been easy.  It takes a lot of grit and determination even in the best of times.  And while most experts agree that the landscape has improved in recent years, there’s still a lot of uncertainty.  Changes in the tax code, unrest in the Middle East, the uncertain […]

Looking Back with American Receivable

looking back

Our office that overlooks the Central Expressway and LBJ Freeway interchange is less than quarter mile away from where American Receivable started 42 years ago.  The original office was on 13th floor and was a converted supply closet with no windows.  As two young entrepreneurs we took our college finance degrees and started a factoring […]

Focus on Customer Service

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A mark of an excellent company is a culture that values their customer relationships and routinely exceeds their customer expectations.    In today’s competitive environment, customers are aggressively prospected, and their loyalty cannot be taken for granted.  Relationship focused companies recognize that they must deliver excellent service to grow their revenue. A “one size fits all” […]