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Customer Care Versus Phone Trees

Everyone dreads having to call customer service.  What was once a straightforward procedure has now become an obstacle course of pressing 2 for English, yelling “representative” repeatedly, and deciphering a foreign dialect.  All these customer service features are supposed to make the companies’ service more accessible while keeping costs down.  But experientially they are frustrating to deal with and create a huge amount of disloyalty.

As a 43 year old factoring company, American Receivable,  we have been careful what technologies we have adopted.  We could save money in the short run by having our phone answered by a recorded message, but that goes against the level of service we desire to provide our clients.  Our clients love that they have 24 hour access to our portal, and we researched many programs until we found one that easily and clearly provides the information our clients need to keep up on their account. 

There are factoring companies that promote their automated, on-line application.  That with just a few clicks anyone can apply for their factoring service.  Then you wait, sometimes days or weeks, to receive an email to find out if you have been approved.  In fact, they are so committed to their online platforms that if you do talk with person there is a customer service fee! 

We believe that having conversations is how a mutually beneficial factoring relationship begins.  It’s important that we understand our prospects business and how factoring will benefit them!  Even though our clients have access to all accounting it’s not unusual to have several calls a week with our clients to discuss opportunities and provide updates on their account.  As a company that is built on customer service we will never have a service fee unlike the policies of our competitors.

We are the Top Rated factoring company with a 5 star Google review.  If you need faster cash flow to grow your company. Call us today to find out how American Receivable can help you or complete our quick online application form to find out how American Receivable can put your company on the road to success.                  972-404-4726                 800-297-6652            512-339-5112

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