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Austin Companies Strengthen Supplier Relationships With Factoring

Austin business owners are benefiting in an unexpected way from factoring their invoices.  They have discovered that with the cash generated from factoring they often become a preferred vendor by their suppliers. 

Having a good relationship with your suppliers is secondary only to having a good relationship with your customers.  Business owners realize how critical their suppliers are to their company’s success.  The ability to get a rush order or the reliability of just in time deliveries are based on your supplier’s willingness to work with you.  Paying your bills in a timely manner to your suppliers is where all this begins. 

Austin companies factor their invoices to get the cash they need to pay their suppliers in a timely manner.  Paying your bills promptly has many benefits:

  • You can qualify for discounts reducing your costs.
  • You will more likely qualify for extended terms.
  • Strengthen your companies credit score, allowing you scale your company.
  • Strengthen your supply chain, become a favored customer.
  • Reliable deliveries, reducing your need to carry a large inventory.

Having suppliers that are a part of your team has tremendous benefits.  As they do their part for your company you will be able to take even better care of your customers.  All this begins with a supplier that is confident that you are going to pay your bills promptly.  Cash is king, and factoring delivers the cash!

American Receivable provides reliable cash to our clients with our Top Rated factoring service.  From manufacturers, temporary labor, healthcare staffing, service companies and oil field service companies, all grow and prosper with our flexible factoring program.  We never have an application fee or any hidden fees.  Find out today how the team at American Receivable can strengthen your supplier relationships. Call today or complete our quick online application form to find out how American Receivable can put your company on the road to success.            512-339-5112                  800-297-6652

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