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Austin Manufacturers Benefit From Factoring

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Manufacturing companies in Austin, Texas are experiencing unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With banks’ lending less, traditional financing options are no longer viable for many businesses. Fortunately, factoring companies are stepping in to provide the necessary cash flow to keep manufacturing companies afloat and thriving. Invoice factoring is a financial transaction […]

Austin Staffing Companies Grow With Factoring

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Invoice factoring is a popular way to finance growing staffing companies without going into debt.  Staffing agencies sell their accounts receivable to the factoring company and get the cash they need to operate without having to wait for their customers to pay. American Receivable has a flexible factoring program that keeps the staffing company in […]

Austin Companies Strengthen Supplier Relationships With Factoring

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Austin business owners are benefiting in an unexpected way from factoring their invoices.  They have discovered that with the cash generated from factoring they often become a preferred vendor by their suppliers.  Having a good relationship with your suppliers is secondary only to having a good relationship with your customers.  Business owners realize how critical […]

Austin Business Owners Get the Funds They Need

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If you’re an Austin business owner who waits weeks or even months to get paid by your customers, then accounts receivable factoring may be a good solution for you. Invoice factoring allows the business owner to get the money they need now by selling their open invoices for cash.  Unlike a conventional bank loan, factoring […]

Rent Inflation in Austin, TX and How Factoring Can Help

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A recent survey of Rents paid by small to medium sized businesses shows worrisome trends.  In this survey, 33% of U.S. based SMBs could not pay May rent in full and on time.  That’s up 5% April.  The report also shows that 52% have experienced rent increases in the past six months.  As Austin entrepreneurs […]

Austin Entrepreneurs Are Turning to Factoring

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Many Austin business owners are facing the challenge of finding additional funding for their growing business.  In response to the economic uncertainty, traditional banks are tightening up their lending policies.  Meaning more small and medium sized businesses are being turned down for a loan.  Business owners face several hurdles when it comes to applying for […]

How Austin Companies Are Growing With Factoring

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Austin companies, are discovering the many benefits of factoring their accounts receivable. A variety of industries, including warehouse and healthcare staffing, oil field service companies,  manufacturing and fabrication companies are all enjoying the advantages of factoring. Cash Flow – It takes money to make money! Austin companies are enjoying a thriving economy and many companies […]

Dallas is Hot… Austin is Hotter

Summer has started early in Texas.  Our office has stayed busy as more companies from Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin have reached out to us for factoring.  We have seen both start-up companies and established businesses that have turned to us.  In Austin, a ten year old security guard service was struggling with a burdensome MCA.  […]