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Austin Staffing Companies Grow With Factoring

Invoice factoring is a popular way to finance growing staffing companies without going into debt.  Staffing agencies sell their accounts receivable to the factoring company and get the cash they need to operate without having to wait for their customers to pay.

American Receivable has a flexible factoring program that keeps the staffing company in control of which invoices they sell to us and when.  Our unique program allows our clients to better manage their cash flow while keeping their costs down. 

When our client sells their invoice to us, they receive a wire for 90% of the invoice.  Now they have the working capital they need to meet payroll, taxes, and other operational expenses.  Once the customer has paid the invoice, we deduct our fee and forward the remaining balance to our client.

Having the ability to meet a growing payroll is the biggest reason cited by Austin staffing companies who utilize factoring.  As healthcare agencies and warehouse staffing companies are facing rapid growth, their number one challenge is how find the working capital necessary for a bigger payroll.  By factoring their invoices with American Receivable that challenge is solved.

Another benefit of factoring with American Receivable is their extensive credit files.  After being in business for 43 years, we have extensive credit files built up on multiple industries.  Our own inhouse files, along with access to multiple credit organizations gives our clients the critical information they need to help steer them toward customers who deserve credit and away from customers who have earned a reputation for not paying their bills.

With our streamlined application,  staffing companies can be approved and funded in only a few days.  American Receivable focuses on the credit strength of your customers, not your staffing agencies net worth, or your personal credit score.  This is an important advantage to entrepreneurs who are in the start-up, or growth phase. 

Call today to find out how other Austin staffing companies are prospering by taking advantage of the flexible factoring program at American Receivable.                            512-339-5112                                  800-297-6652

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