Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Staffing Companies and Invoice Factoring Drive Success

cash flow for staffing companies

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, companies are facing a unique challenge: a growing demand for their products coupled with a shortage of skilled workers. As the need for more hands on deck becomes evident, manufacturing businesses are turning to staffing companies to bridge the gap and meet their workforce requirements. In this symbiotic relationship, […]

Maximizing Cash Flow for Staffing Companies

cash flow for staffing companies

As a staffing company, maintaining a healthy cash flow is crucial for your success and growth. However, the nature of your business, with its constant cycle of paying employees and waiting for client payments, can present unique cash flow challenges. In this blog, we will explore effective strategies for maximizing cash flow for your staffing […]

Growing Staffing Companies Grow With Invoice Factoring

invoice factoring for staffing agencies

As a growing staffing company, managing cash flow can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to meeting payroll obligations and taking on new customers. Fortunately, there is a financial solution that can help alleviate these concerns and provide numerous benefits for staffing companies: invoice factoring. Reliable Cash Flow for Payroll and Taking on […]

Accounts Receivable Funding Helps Staffing Companies

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When a staffing company needs funds to grow their business, they typically turn to a bank for a loan. However, not all staffing companies are able to secure a loan from a bank due to their credit history or length of time in business. This is where accounts receivable funding, also known as factoring, comes […]

Factoring for Event Staffing Companies

invoice factoring staffing company

Event staffing companies have a unique set of challenges when it comes to factoring. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what factoring is, why it’s important for event staffing companies, and some tips for getting the most out of it. First, let’s define what factoring is. Essentially, factoring is the process […]

Payroll Funding For Your Staffing Company

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Staffing companies are continuing to enjoy growing demand for their services.  The staffing industry suffered an 11% decline in overall revenue in 2020 as the entire economy shrunk.  2021 saw a 16% increase in revenue followed by a 4% increase for 2022.  Industry experts predict continued growth for staffing companies in 2023.  The forecast of […]

How Healthcare Staffing Companies Use Accounts Receivable Factoring

invoice factoring healthcare staffing companies

Healthcare staffing companies are faced with a unique set of financial challenges. They must constantly pay their employees, even when they are not receiving payment from their clients. This can create a significant cash flow gap that can be difficult to bridge without outside help. One solution that many healthcare staffing companies turn to is […]

Invoice Factoring Rescues Staffing Agency

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As this year closes many staffing companies are preparing for the coming year.  Staffing agencies have to constantly align the demand for their services with the changing workforce.  Budgets and forecasts for the coming year should also be reviewed.  Confirming that you have access to growth capital is also a top priority for 2023. Demand […]

Best Factoring Company For Staffing Companies

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Meeting weekly payroll is often the biggest obstacle staffing companies face when growing their company. When business owners are awarded bigger contracts by their customers, the more money they will need to for payroll and operating expenses.  Staffing companies face tremendous cash flow pressure when they have to pay their employees weekly, but their customers […]