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Austin Business Owners Get the Funds They Need

If you’re an Austin business owner who waits weeks or even months to get paid by your customers, then accounts receivable factoring may be a good solution for you.

Invoice factoring allows the business owner to get the money they need now by selling their open invoices for cash.  Unlike a conventional bank loan, factoring companies focus on the credit strength of your customers -not your personal or business credit strength.  This is a great advantage to Austin business owners whose businesses struggled during the pandemic.  Many business owners in the Austin area had to use their own personal credit to help keep their companies afloat. This can often result in reducing the owners personal credit score. 

Since the factoring company is being repaid by your customers, American Receivable can offer their factoring services to business owners who are overextended, have low credit scores, and companies that are brand new.  Starting a relationship with a factoring company is also easier and faster than applying for a conventional bank loan.  Factoring companies require a minimum of documents, again focusing on your customer base. 

Working with a factoring company is also a fast form of funding.  Since factoring companies require less documentation, they are able to quickly turn around an application and fund a new account in only two to three days. 

Now, Austin business owners can unlock the cash hidden in their invoices.  With the cash from factoring their invoices they can stay current on their payroll and supplies, and still have money to take on new projects and customers.

American Receivable has factored companies in Austin for over 43 years.  Our flexible factoring program keeps you in charge of deciding how much you factor.  We offer 5 Star customer service, with low factoring rates.  Leaving you with more money in your pocket.  Call today or complete our quick online application form to find out how American Receivable can put your company on the road to success.                            512-339-5112                                  800-297-6652

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