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Business Tip: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Whether you’re describing your business to strangers or trying to land a new customer its important to have a clear, compelling elevator pitch prepared.  Some business owners will default to describing who, what, where when and why of their companies.  This can work when talking with industry insiders who understand the jargon, but it is rarely memorable. 

Your elevator pitch should avoid jargon and industry buzzwords.  Formulating a great elevator pitch will also force you to consider what makes your company stand out, how you benefit your customers, and where you want to take your company. 

You will want to make your elevator pitch compelling, whether you’re talking with a future customer, perspective employee or even a source of capital.  Your elevator pitch should clearly communicate what pain you solve for your customers and who your customers are.  This will be a memorable hook when prospecting for new customers and also remind your employees what your company is all about.

Start your elevator pitch with the problem that your company solves.  Next, identify your target market.  Then state what sets your company apart.  All this has to be done with plain English.  Remember, if your mother does not understand your elevator pitch you better start over.

Developing an elevator pitch can be a great team building exercise for your company.  It will force you and your employees to focus on what makes your company stand out from your competitors. 

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