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The Many Names For Factoring

Selling accounts receivable to obtain short-term funds is called factoring, AR financing, AR discounting, and AR factoring.  Though it goes by many names factoring offers a fast solution to business owners who are facing a cash shortage.  The factoring company will base its decision, buy the accounts receivable based on the credit strength of the business’s customer, not the owner.  For start-ups and business owners who have invested too much of their personal credit into their company factoring is an excellent option.

Many Names, One Service

Business owners are constantly wrestling with a shortage of resources.  Finding enough skilled labor, enough time, enough customers are all big challenges for entrepreneurs.  Not having enough cash to meet your next payroll or start your next job goes from being a challenge to being catastrophe.  Over 80% of business fail in their first 3 years due to cash flow issues.  So, it’s critical that entrepreneurs have the knowledge that accounts receivable factoring will turn their outstanding invoices into CASH!

A History of Excellent Service

Many business owners that need additional cash have accounts receivable they could factor but don’t know where to turn to.  American Receivable Corporation has been helping companies for 42 years.  Whether looking to fund the next project or simply meet daily expenses American Receivable Corporation has provided expertise and timely funding with some of lowest rates in the industry.  Call 1-800-297-6652 today to see how American Receivable Corporation can help you.


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