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Lessons Learned From Comparing

Business owners can catch themselves comparing their business to other companies.  Most business owners will compare their business to more established and successful companies.  This rarely teaches the business owner any valuable lessons, besides to start your business with more capital and have a boardroom of successful investors. 

Many lessons can be learned from struggling companies, especially companies that have failed.  It’s always best to learn from the mistakes of others.  Many companies start with similar disadvantages, not enough startup capital, not enough or the wrong employees, no presence in the marketplace, among others. 

Not having enough cash can be frightening.  Juggling bills and payroll is exhausting.  It takes your focus from growing your business and creates frustration that you lack the resources for bigger projects.  But being cash strapped will force you reduce needless expenses and to maximize the cash flowing into your business.  These lessons will continue to payoff down the road, propelling your company to an even more profitable growth.

Sometimes having the wrong employee is worse than not having one!  Many start-ups will hire friends or industry experts that don’t produce.  Entrepreneurs quickly learn to hire for attitude and willingness to learn.  Hiring with the right attitude will build a successful company culture. 

Almost by definition start-ups have no market presence.  This gives the business owner the opportunity to tell their companies story and create there brand.  With the help of social media entrepreneurs can communicate the passion that drove them to start this new company and why their product or service is really a better solution than what is already being offered.  Prospects will respond to your enthusiasm and quickly become customers.

Many times, it’s the struggles and setbacks that are the best teachers.  By learning from others mistakes you can save your company from those costs.  Putting your company on the fast track to success.

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