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How Factoring Cash Flows Texas Businesses

American Receivable opened their doors 43 years ago and started helping Texas companies survive and grow.  Right away companies from industrial supplies, specialized cleaning, IT staffing, distribution, healthcare staffing, oil field service, and manufacturing were all growing their business with our account receivable factoring service.

The Texas economy has seen several booms and busts since 1978, and American Receivable has faithfully assisted their clients during the challenges and the opportunities of our rollercoaster economy. The bust in the 1980’s introduced the economy to outsourcing.  The staffing industry exploded.  From information technology, warehouse, security, and healthcare companies all grew with our help. 

Surging oil prices in the 1990’s brought a boom in the oilfield supply business, along with a demand for financing that exceeded the banks’ ability to meet.  We factored accounts receivable from companies’ hauling wastewater, selling frac sand, providing rough necks and welders.  Our expertise helped our clients avoid expensive credit losses in a turbulent industry.

American Receivable guided our clients thru the dotcom boom and bust, the housing crisis of 2008 and now the pandemic.  By staying true to our original goal of providing the best account receivable factoring service at the most competitive rate we have watched our clients go from being a start up to being publicly traded.  We understand how to do business in Texas. We have helped companies improve their cash flow with invoice factoring. It’s now your turn; call us today at 1-800-297-6652 or complete our quick application form.

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