Factoring works…..

Factoring works…..

For years small businesses have had few places to turn if they were seeking financing and were turned down by the bank.  New and small businesses typically have a much harder time acquiring traditional loans to cover day-to-day operating costs much less additional cash to purchase new equipment or supplies.  Fortunately factoring has taken on widespread popularity for new, emerging and tenured businesses.

Factoring companies base their decisions on the credit worthiness of their clients’ customer, the debtor, for repayment of the invoices.  Almost any company is eligible for factoring provided they are able to invoice for a service performed or a product delivered.   While other underwriting criteria varies from factor to factor most factoring companies adhere to the traditional screening methods.

Some factoring companies provide other services at no additional charge such as free credit reports on prospective new accounts, assistance with collection, on-line reporting, as well as monitoring and analysis services.

American Receivable Corporation www.americanreceivable.com  provides financing programs for companies experiencing cash flow problems. For over 35 years they have helped businesses large and small find solutions to their financing needs.




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