Choosing the Right Factoring Company for Your Business

Choosing the Right Factoring Company for Your Business

Choosing the right factoring company is an important decision for you and your business. The right factoring company will help you maintain cash flow and grow your business while the wrong choice can leave you with a bigger financial gap than when you started.

Factoring has been around for centuries but has really only come to light as a legitimate source of cash flow for businesses in the last couple of decades. While bank loans are the most common form of financing for businesses, not every business qualifies for a loan large enough to cover their overhead. With invoice factoring, companies are able to maintain a steady cash flow without waiting the extended time for payment. Sounds great, right? But how do you know which company is the right fit for you and your business?

With factoring becoming a popular means of cash flow, there are many companies to choose from. Websites like Top Ten Reviews allow you to search for companies specifically in your industry. So, you’ve found a few that sound like what you need, what’s next?

The most important part of choosing the right company is understanding what they are offering and how their services will benefit you. In the age of technology, most companies have online chat services on their website for quick information, but to receive the quickest quotes and to get a more comprehensive understanding of the business and the employees there, it is always best to call. It’s critical that you are not only boosting your cash flow but are also comfortable with the staff to ensure a strong relationship.

Here are some questions to ask when speaking with factoring companies. Remember, you are interviewing them just as they are interviewing you.

What is the factoring companies application process?

Typically, most companies will have an online application form for you to fill in your information and attach any documents requested. Most common types of information required are: name and age of business, owner information, amount of receivables to be factored, Articles of Incorporation, accounts receivable and payables agings, and profit and loss statements.

As my business grows, does the factoring company have the resources to grow with us?

The purpose factoring your invoices is to allow your business to have the cash to continue to grow. It’s important to find an established factoring company that has the means to support your current and future funding needs.

What are your advance rates and fees?

Depending on your industry, advance rates and fees can vary among factors. Factoring companies make their money off of fees which is a percentage of the face value of the invoice. These fees can range from 0.8%-3.0%. The advance rate is the percentage of the invoice that the factoring company gives you upfront as they await payment from your customer. These advances can range from 75%-90%. It’s important to understand and compare across factoring companies specializing in your industry and the services they offer.

Are there any hidden fees?

Some factoring companies may charge a small fee for an array of different services. Hidden fees to look for include but are not limited to: application and due diligence fees, origination fee, annual fee, chargeback and wire fees and early termination fee. Be sure to also discuss if there is a monthly minimum amount you must factor and if so, is there a fee associated with not meeting that minimum.

Understanding the factoring industry and asking the right questions can lead you in the right direction to finding the right company for your factoring needs and ensuring success and growth for you and your business.

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