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Invoice Factoring Versus Traditional Bank Loans

invoice factoring versus bank loan

We get asked a lot the differences between obtaining financing at a bank and using a factoring company?  As business owners are looking for additional financial sources, whether to take advantage of growth opportunities or to fight off increasing inflationary pressures, it’s important to choose the financing source that will best fit your needs. Traditional […]

Three Dangers of Funding Your Business With Credit Cards

business credit cards

Being a business owner is a lot of work.  The challenges are non-stop.  First you have to go from a business idea, to generating revenue to developing a loyal customer base.  While doing all this, staying on top of your companies’ finances is crucial to the success of your company. It can be tempting to […]

Starting a Small Business in Texas

invoice factoring austin

More and more large companies are moving their headquarters and operations to Texas to take advantage of an advantageous business climate.  This same favorable business climate has helped create over 3 million small businesses in Texas.  If you’re thinking of starting your own business these seven steps will help you along.  It’s always a good […]

American Receivable Celebrates National Small Business Week

national small business week

American Receivable a 43 year old factoring company still identifies with small business.  Our founders are still involved in daily operations and management. The lessons they have learned have been passed on to our staff and clients.  Over the years as we have helped many small businesses achieve their goals, American Receivable has also provided […]

Small Business Funding

small business funding

Finding funding for your business can be challenging, but with a bit of work and planning, you can find the money you need to help your company grow.  Many small and medium sized businesses are held back by lack of money. Here are some ideas to help you secure funding for your business. If your […]

How Factoring Cash Flows Texas Businesses

texas start up business invoice factoring

American Receivable opened their doors 43 years ago and started helping Texas companies survive and grow.  Right away companies from industrial supplies, specialized cleaning, IT staffing, distribution, healthcare staffing, oil field service, and manufacturing were all growing their business with our account receivable factoring service. The Texas economy has seen several booms and busts since […]

Is Your Business Prepared for an Emergency?

business continuity planning

Natural disasters can happen anywhere and at any time.  Over the past several weeks North Texas has already suffered through several tornados – and the storm season has only now started.  In 2019 our office building was heavily damaged by a storm.  For several weeks our building was closed as they assessed the damage.  Tornados, […]