10 Tips for Running a Small Business

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Running a small business in today’s rapidly changing marketplace takes skill, determination, and the ability to adapt to new challenges.  Here are 10 tips for any business that wants to succeed. 1.  Keep Score: It’s amazing how few small businesses have any idea of the daily, weekly, and monthly numbers and financial trends in the […]

It’s Time to Review Your Cybersecurity

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As more companies continue to take advantage of remote working companies are discovering the weak links in their cybersecurity.  Whether it’s a cyberattack against your companies’ website or a phishing email all companies are facing growing dangers from the dark side of the internet.  Here are 10 questions that need to be addressed right now. […]

Is Your Business Prepared to Survive a Disaster?

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The year 2020 has taught us a lot about being prepared to face a disaster.  We now have extra toilet paper and have learned to work from home.  Business owners have had multiple challenges, applying for the PPP loan, maintaining a motivated work force while working from home and in many cases, diminished revenue.  Just […]

Women in Business and the Challenge of Acquiring Working Capital

Female business owners feel that their access to working capital is much less than accessibility of businesses owned by men. A large number of business owners  feel that businesses owned by women will never have the same options and availability for working capital or cash flow options as businesses owned by men, while some think […]

Avoid Diminishing Your Business Value with These 10 Tips

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You may have no intention of selling your small business now. However, you have to accept that your small business will change hands one day. You might pass it down to the next generation, sell it, or, unfortunately you may need to close it down. Even if a change in ownership won’t happen until well […]