Women in Business and the Challenge of Acquiring Working Capital

Female business owners feel that their access to working capital is much less than accessibility of businesses owned by men. A large number of business owners  feel that businesses owned by women will never have the same options and availability for working capital or cash flow options as businesses owned by men, while some think it will happen in the distant future.

Women business owners feel that access to working capital and cash flow options is a priority. Even with excellent credit and substantiated financials, women still have obstacles when trying to obtain capital.

According to Forbes the National Women’s Business Council is making efforts to address this with government to create a tax credit (angel investor) to give women the incentive to continue their efforts in business.

A study by Bank of America found that women are definitely at a disadvantage when trying to get funded for their business needs.   Looking forward, a small percentage of women holding more places of impact in legislative issues, human services and instruction would be significant for future female entrepreneurs. Pay value, building more grounded systems of ladies and reclassifying sexual orientation standards were other top answers.

There is, a large number of female entrepreneurs who expect consistent growth, and income, as well as their business signs and viewpoints are more grounded than those of male business owners

American Express reported recently that women owned organizations found the quantity of female organizations has grown 21 percent somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2019, and work by them rose 8 percent. Development was surprisingly better for minority women. There was a good percent increase in businesses owned by minority women with African American women taking a 50% growth rate, including part-time business women. The biggest development rates in incomes happened for women owned organizations making under $25,000 and those creation $1 at least million, American Express found.

Working capital and cash flow are the lifeline of a business.  A good option for women in business is invoice-factoring.  Some factoring companies will take on start-up businesses and this gives any business owner a chance to get the capital they need without incurring debt.  Cash flow gives the business owner the needed cash to grow the business and keep a constant stable financial profile.

American Receivable welcomes Women Entrepreneurs.  We work with each client individually to find the best solution to their specific needs to improve cash flow and allow for growth.


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