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Five Tips to Accelerate Your Business

If your goal for next year is to grow your business keep these ideas in mind:

  1. Plow Money into your Company.  It takes money to make money! Invest in your employees, marketing, and technology. Carefully choose where your investments will bring the greatest return.
  2. Be Careful Who You Hire. As the author Jim Collins stated in From Good to Great: Get the right people on the bus!  Having the right employees makes all the difference.  Remember you can always train a new employee the skills they need to perform their job. 
  3. Spread Your Network. Make time to attend industry and Chamber of Commerce events.  Develop a strong social network on LinkedIn and other platforms. 
  4. Keep Your Customers Delighted. Returning customers are critical to any business’s success.  Focus not only on your online reviews, but also your competitions. Learn from their mistakes and successes.
  5. Take advantage of invoice factoring.  Growing companies require a lot of cash.  Factoring your invoices gives you immediate cash flow to make payroll, pay taxes and cover operating expenses.

American Receivable has a 42 year track record of assisting business owners reach and exceed their goals.  Call to today to get your business ready to grow in 2022.

Jack Stieber |     800-297-6652   

Brad Gurney |  972-404-4726


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