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It’s Time to Review Your Cybersecurity

As more companies continue to take advantage of remote working companies are discovering the weak links in their cybersecurity.  Whether it’s a cyberattack against your companies’ website or a phishing email all companies are facing growing dangers from the dark side of the internet.  Here are 10 questions that need to be addressed right now.

  • Do you back up your computers daily? – When you back up files and store them safely on a cloud-based server you protect yourself from a crashed server.
  • How secure are your passwords? Make sure you and your employees use passwords that are difficult to guess. Avoid using any names or dates that can be connected to you.  Include upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Have you updated your anti-malware software? Anti-virus and anti-malware software is one of your first lines of defense against cyberattacks.  Make sure your computers are automatically updating for the latest versions.
  • Are you using a firewall? To keep your network safer, use both an internal and external firewall.  Make sure that anyone working remotely uses a firewall on their network.
  • Are your mobile devices secure? Mobile devices are everywhere and being used for lots of business purposes.  Make sure all employees use strong passwords for their devices.
  • Are all of your software current? Software updates usually include security updates.  It’s important to update all your software as soon as a new update is released.  If you use WordPress for your website be sure to update it also.
  • Are your employees careful when using social media and email? Hackers can gain information from employees via email and social media.  Instruct your employees to never provide confidential information to unverified sources.
  • Do you use multi-factor authentication? Multi- factor authentication requires users to supply more than one type of information to log onto a network.  This is an extra layer of protection in case a hacker has gotten into your network.
  • Do your employees use public Wi-Fi? Public Wi-Fi is a serious security risk.  There are a few ways to reduce these risks.  Create a password protected Wi-Fi hotspot to secure your data.  Also, be careful about people spying on devices to steal passwords or company information.

These questions can help you identify some areas where you need to implement more security.  Hackers are constantly growing more sophisticated in their attempts to steal from business. It’s ever more important for business owners to start thinking about cybersecurity and the importance of having a robust business continuity plan.

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