Austin Companies Strengthen Supplier Relationships With Factoring

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Austin business owners are benefiting in an unexpected way from factoring their invoices.  They have discovered that with the cash generated from factoring they often become a preferred vendor by their suppliers.  Having a good relationship with your suppliers is secondary only to having a good relationship with your customers.  Business owners realize how critical […]

Customer Care Versus Phone Trees

Customer Care

Everyone dreads having to call customer service.  What was once a straightforward procedure has now become an obstacle course of pressing 2 for English, yelling “representative” repeatedly, and deciphering a foreign dialect.  All these customer service features are supposed to make the companies’ service more accessible while keeping costs down.  But experientially they are frustrating […]

Business Sense: Pricing of Goods is Critical to Cash Flow

business pricing strategy

Business owners struggle when they take on the task of pricing their product or service.  Many times, they will set the price too low, thinking that a lower price will increase sales. Lower margins on products or services can affect cash flow, which in turn affects the ability of the business to grow.  Pricing is […]

Customer Care Versus Phone Trees

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At ARC you won’t find maddening phone trees, pressing 2 for English, waiting for a Chat-Bot to answer a question or outsourcing customer care to a different country. You WILL find: Phone calls being promptly answered by a real person! Our account reps truly care for their client’s success. 24/7 real time account access. Managed […]