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Invoice Factoring vs. Traditional Bank Loans

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What’s the difference between invoice factoring and traditional bank loans?  It’s a question we hear a lot, so in this article we’ll take a look at the pros and cons to help you decide which is best for your company.  When searching for financing to meet your day-to-day expenses traditional bank loans or lines of […]

It’s Time to Review Your Cybersecurity

digital cybersecurity

As more companies continue to take advantage of remote working companies are discovering the weak links in their cybersecurity.  Whether it’s a cyberattack against your companies’ website or a phishing email all companies are facing growing dangers from the dark side of the internet.  Here are 10 questions that need to be addressed right now. […]

Attaboy, Chandler!

EMT patch

My nephew just started riding in an ambulance for a living as an EMT.  This is his first step towards becoming a paramedic then eventually a nurse practitioner.  He has a lot of long nights in front of him that he eagerly awaits.    After many sleep deprived weeks, Jack’s daughter, Alex, is now only […]

Remembering a Good Friend

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1982 was a new world for Jack and me. We were barely out of college and starting what turned out to be a very successful factoring company. We had a lot of help along the way.  One of the most influential men in our young lives was Doug Forrer. Jack and I were great at answering the phone […]

You Might Need a Factor If…

Tips to Help Your Business Succeed During Unpredictable Times

For many people starting and running their own business is their number one goal.  Being your own boss, creating jobs for other people and having the pride of ownership are some of the reasons that entrepreneurs start their own company.  One hurdle that that business owners must overcome is obtaining the necessary funding to pay […]

Five Invoice Factoring Questions to Ask Before You Sign Up

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It is easy to be overwhelmed when looking for a factoring company. There are so many flashing ads and confusing buzzwords a businessowner can be quickly led down a path that seems right but ends up costing dearly. Here are the top 5 questions we get about accounts receivable factoring. How Do Factoring Rates Compare […]

In the Coming Economic Storm, Liquidity Is Your Life Raft

A person using a liferaft

The economic news continues to be confusingly double sided.  Wall Street is again nearing record territory while Main street is dealing with high unemployment, bankruptcies, and late payments.  Banks and business owners have already taken notice and are doing everything they can to gather liquidity to survive this storm. For the last eight years business […]

Factoring for the Un-bankable

loan application denied by a bank

Getting a loan for a business has become exceedingly challenging as the Covid economy rolls on.  Banks have become very cautious, as so many of their customers have experienced financial difficulty.  Not only are fewer new loans being approved, many current bank customers are not having their loans renewed.  Many businesses have experienced a loss […]