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What’s Holding You Back?

Every business owner is constantly managing the economic principal of scarcity.  All owners of small to medium size enterprises are juggling not having enough time, employees, orders or working capital.  It is in this stressful environment that business owners decide where to invest their limited resources.  Spending too much time focusing on sales could mean not spending enough time on quality control in production.  Especially now, cash flow is incredibly scarce!

Many business owners have discovered by utilizing invoice factoring they now have more time and money!  Accounts receivable financing provides business owners with reliable cash flow, eliminating the leading cause of business failures.  With certain cash flow, business owners can pursue larger contracts and grow their business, not being held back by the fear of missing a payroll.

Working with a top-rated factoring company business owner discover they now have more time.  Often the factoring company will streamline the invoicing process.  By making sure that invoices go to the correct email address with all required approvals often is all it takes for a slow paying customer to start paying within terms.   The invoice factoring company also monitors every invoice to assure timely payments by the customers.

American Receivable Corporation is a 42 year old top-rated factoring company.  Our program will deliver the reliable cash flow that entrepreneurs must have to be successful.  Our clients are steadily growing their companies knowing that they will never miss a payroll, inventory and rent payment.  To discuss how we can help you grow your company call Jack Stieber or Brad Gurney at 1-800-297-6652 or complete our quick application form.


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