A woman checking her business cash flow

Check Your Cash Flow

Its late spring in Texas.  And that means lots of yard work! Of course, being home all the time makes it easier to keep up with the mowing.  My mower’s oil leak is getting bad enough that it’s time for a serious repair.

Your Finances Could Use A Spring Cleaning

Right now, your company’s cash flow is working harder than a tractor in springtime.  And as the business owner you must find and eliminate all unnecessary expenses.  Review all monthly subscriptions that are automatically charged to your account and cancel all that are not critical for production.  The worst task is to review payroll.  If your business is in crisis, you must preserve your cash.  Perhaps, a temporary reduction in wages will be enough to keep your business running without having to lay anyone off.

Just like my mower getting oil added– your company runs best with an injection of cash!  If your business has accounts receivable, consider factoring with American Receivable Corporation.  For 42 years we have helped companies ride out economic storms by providing reliable cashflow.  Our clients us our invoice factoring to first stabilize their business, then grow their business!


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