The Value of Dedicated Account Managers

factoring account manager shaking hands with clientThe Value of Dedicated Account Managers

Financing is the #1 requisite for any business to grow and keep a positive cash flow.  There are many options to look at for financing a business including traditional bank loans or alternative options such as factoring. Once the financing is in place, that relationship will continue as you grow and manage your business.  It is important to know who will be handling your account going forward. One thing to remember as a business owner is that as your business continues to grow and stabilize, your needs will be ever-changing.

There are many financial organizations who are happy to fund your business.  There are many that will have a customer service agent answering phone calls and looking at your account when you call in with problems or questions.  It may take much of your time as these agents try to figure out your account while you are on the phone.  And, you may be on hold for a time waiting for the “next available agent”

It is crucial for business owners to have someone who will get to know them and their business and be there for them when needs change.  A dedicated account manager will be your personal contact. The account manager will get to know you and will be knowledgeable about your business and keep up with your changing needs.  Having a dedicated account manager results in faster solutions and answers for your business, as well as saving you time and energy by not having to explain things each time you need assistance. Critical situations can arise where the business owner needs immediate attention to cash flow or other financial challenges. A dedicated account manager will be aware of key factors and will know how to find a quick solution that benefits the business.

When looking for financing for your business, always ask if you will have a dedicated account manager.  It is important for you and your business to have someone who knows you and your business needs today and can provide solutions to future needs in a timely and professional manner.

At American Receivable Corporation we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.  We work with each of our clients individually to find solutions to their specific cash flow needs and financial situations.  Each client has a dedicated account manager taking care of their account and finding solutions for current and future needs.

Give us a call today at (972) 404-4726 or get a Quick Quote to learn if our personalized factoring services are a good fit for your business.


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