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Top Reasons to Factor

As businesses are recovering from the pandemic many business owners are trying to expand their company without taking on debt.  Last years economic roller coaster further convinced business owners that the risks of borrowing working capital is too risky.  More and more business owners have turned to invoice factoring to solve their cash flow issues.  Accounts receivable factoring is the optimal financing for companies that:

  • Want to grow their business without giving up equity.
  • Smooth out your cash flow.
  • Reduce bad debt.
  • Improve your credit rating.
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts.

American Receivable is a 43 year old traditional factoring company. ARC remains owned and operated by the original founders.  Prospects never pay an application fee and are qualified on the credit strength of their customers, not their credit. Unlike bank owned factoring companies that makes their decision based on your personal credit score and sets a credit limit on your business.  Our sales and administrative staff all have strong backgrounds in finance and customer service.  This ensures our clients that even day to day transactions are handled to benefit our client.  American Receivable’s longevity is based on our client’s success. 

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