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This economy is presenting more and more opportunities for small and midsized businesses (SMB) to win new contracts with large commercial enterprises.  Facing employment and supply chain challenges, big companies are turning to SMB for everything from staffing needs to inventory and more.  This good news for SMB comes with it owns challenge.  Fulfilling new contracts and orders will require additional payroll and operating expenses.  And they often will have to be paid before the new customer pays.

Business owners have turned to banks or equity to raise additional funds.  With the recent economic news banks have become more conservative in their lending practices and most business owners do not want to take on a business partner to simply fund a temporary need. 

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are turning to factoring finance to provide the cashflow needed to take on bigger and bigger projects.  There are many benefits to factoring your invoices including easy application process, fast approvals, no monthly minimum commitment, flexible financing, collection service, credit risk service, debt free, requires no equity, and a peace of mind that payroll and expenses will be paid!

American Receivable understands that business owners need an alternative financing source that moves quickly and is accessible to nearly all B to B business models.  We have designed our streamlined application process so that prospects provide just a minimum of information.  This allows our back office to quickly process their application and fund a client in as quickly in two to three days.   We immediately qualify our clients’ customers, giving our clients the green light to take on bigger projects.  When the business owner needs money for upcoming expenses, they choose which invoices they sell to us, keeping them in control of how much they factor.  Many of our clients are funded at 90% of the invoice, providing the money needed for payroll, overhead, inventory and other operation expenses.  Once the invoice is paid, the balance is refunded to our client minus a small factoring fee. 

Our client’s have access to the money they need to finance their growth.  They receive their growth capital without going into debt or having to sell off part of their business.  The best part of factoring finance is that it grows and contracts with the needs of your business, without having to pay an application or commitment fee.

American Receivable has provide Top Rated factoring finance for 43 years.  Our team of experts will help your company have the money you need get through the tough times and have even more success in the good times.  Call us today to get started.                  972-404-4726                 800-297-6652            512-339-5112

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