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Looking Back with American Receivable

Our office that overlooks the Central Expressway and LBJ Freeway interchange is less than quarter mile away from where American Receivable started 42 years ago.  The original office was on 13th floor and was a converted supply closet with no windows.  As two young entrepreneurs we took our college finance degrees and started a factoring company.  We faced a different marketplace where factoring was either unknown or worst yet – a signal for failure.  With determination and the second biggest ad for factoring in the Yellow Pages, Jack and Brad pounded the streets looking for business.  We found business, we also found lifelong friends. 

ARC started before the personal computer was invented.  Ledger cards and spread sheets were posted by hand.  We could not afford multiple phone lines so one phone with call waiting had to suffice.  What has remained constant is that relationships have defined success for us at American Receivable.  Bankers and CPAs have trusted us with their referrals.  Our clients trusted us with funding their businesses.  Our employees trusted us to treat them fairly.  42 years ago, Jack Stieber and Brad Gurney saw the need for a factoring company that would help launch their clients towards success.  And because of the people who have trusted us, we built a successful factoring company – making lifelong friends along the way.

American Receivable takes pride in the people they have helped.  To find out how your small business can benefit from over 40 years of invoice factoring experience, call Jack or Brad at (972) 404-4726 or complete our quick application form.


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