How to Manage Time Wisely

How to Manage Time Wisely

Here are some effective tips to help maximize your time and efforts no matter what your role or profession:


Time management means knowing your highest priority. Get a clear picture of what your goals are and focus on them.

Because it’s impossible to always get everything done, focus on the most important items first. Discipline yourself to concentrate on the most important rather than the easiest, the most demanding or the most fun.

Crisis Management

Undoubtedly there are true crises that must be dealt with before anything else and knowing how to correctly identify them is often a challenge.  Being able to properly access, communicate and effectively manage during a crisis will help dictate its outcome.


Everyone has distractions regardless of job title, or responsibility and because of this learning to focus and maximizing creative and analytical periods now becomes more important.  Most people are far more effective when working on one specific task or goal rather than multi-tasking.  Here are some tips to help with focus:

– Limit time checking emails and social media sites

– Use “To Do” lists each day

– Make notes

– Organize your workspace to maximize efficiency


Assign projects or specific tasks to others.  Remember, delegating, although an effective learning tool for others still requires that you keep track and take responsibility for a projects progression.    Keep an eye on deadlines and follow up in time to make sure all is on track to complete the project on schedule.


There will never be enough hours in the day for small business owners and managers to accomplish what needs to be done.   Using these time management tips however, may help ensure you make the most out of the time you do have.



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