Gearing Up For Growth With Invoice Factoring

If you are a business owner, you understand how difficult it can be get invoices paid on-time.  When customers are slow to pay their bills, this puts undue stress on your company’s cash flow, making it challenging to buy more supplies and make payroll. 

Invoice factoring is the perfect solution to support ongoing growth by unlocking the working capital found in a businesses accounts receivable.  Businesses are benefitting from fast access to cash and long-term scalability.  Factors focus on the credit strength of your customers, not on your company’s financial performance or your personal credit score.

American Receivable is a 43 year old traditional factoring company. ARC remains owned and operated by the original founders.   American Receivable’s longevity is based on our client’s success. 

Schedule a conversation to learn more how American Receivable will provide the cash you need to thrive.

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