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Celebrating 43 Years of Helping Companies Succeed

American Receivable is celebrating two significant events.  First, this year marks our 43rd year of helping our clients grow and succeed.  In 1979 a couple of recent college graduates thought it would be a good idea to start their own factoring company.  Starting with a small amount of family money, the two founders are still the driving force of American Receivable today.

As we are celebrating our 43rd year of business, we are honored to be named Top Rated Factoring Company in America for the 9th year running!  This recognition is further affirmation that we are achieving our goal of providing fast, flexible invoice factoring at a competitive price with no surprises.  

A lot of competitors have entered and left the market since then.  American Receivable’s focus on remaining a traditional factoring company, providing a flexible factoring program at competitive rates for our clients has been the winning formula.

Why a Traditional Factoring Company?

Being a traditional factoring company, American Receivable provides much more than a transaction. We focus on our relationship with our client.   We offer services that allow our clients the opportunity to manage their business and cover expenses with a positive cash flow.

  • Easy Qualification – We focus on the credit strength of our clients’ customers.  While bank owned factoring companies demand the client’s personal credit score, tax returns, or personal financial statements.  We never have an application fee, or a point charged at signing.
  • Credit Research – Now more than ever it’s critical to stay current on the financial health of your customers.  We have analysts that will research your new customers to help and maximize the business owner’s sales while mitigating their risks.
  • Invoice Management – Valuable time is spent trying to collect past due invoices. Often, invoices are skipped and fall behind because of administrative errors. A dedicated accounts receivable manager assures our clients that the life cycle of each invoice is monitored and professionally collected.
  • Customer Service – Our phones are never answered by a robot during business hours.  Whether you have a quick question or need detailed information on your account, American Receivable is always available.
  • Flexible Factoring- Our program keeps you in charge of how much you factor.  With no minimums in our contract, you decide which invoices to factor.  This will save you money, and help you build up your own internal cash flow.

Advantages of Our Top Rated Factoring Service

Hiring additional staff to manage invoices, payments and collections is costly and time consuming.   Our financial experts monitor payments and collections giving our clients all the advantages of working with the best traditional factoring company. 

After all, the success of our clients is vital to the success of American Receivable. Call us today at 800-297-6652 or schedule an appointment to learn how accounts receivable factoring improves small business cash flow.  In the DFW area, call 972-404-4726. To find out how invoice factoring can help get your small business off the ground, call Jack Stieber or Brad Gurney  or  complete our quick application form.

Voted best Invoice Factoring Company for SMBs for 2022 by Business.com


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