5 simple steps to finding your business niche…

5 Simple Steps to Finding your Business Niche…

One of the first steps in the business planning and development process is determining who your target market will be.  It may sound simple but it can be difficult knowing what you are selling and to whom, and if the market you serve is the best one for your.

Here are 5 simple tips that can help you be clear about what your business has to offer, identify the right target market for it and build a niche for yourself there.

Be clear about what you have to offer

I you are starting a business make sure you understand why people would buy from you. What needs does it fulfill? What benefits will you bring to the table that will help you stand out from the crowd?

Don’t be a Jack of all trades

Define exactly what you have to offer and stick to it.   Over offering and under delivering can make you seem like a jack of all trades and a master of none.  The later can have a dramatic effect on your business.

Find your niche

Creating a niche for your business is a key to success.  Find your niche and play up your strengths within that niche.

Finding Your Target Customer

Identifying and finding your ideal target customer is a process that may take a business year’s to define.  Few can afford to get wrong so know the who, what and why.

Your Message to Your Marketplace

Now that you’ve identified your target market you’ll need to create a message that reaches and speaks to that market while reinforcing your brand identity. It should explain what you have to offer, why you’re different, and why anyone should buy from you.

These five simple yet effective tips may open the doors for your success.


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