The Value of Giving Back

Thank you cardThe Value of Giving Back

So, you’ve tightened up your processes, have the right people working for you, secured proper financing and your company is growing nicely.  Time to sit back and enjoy, right?  Not until you show gratitude for your success.  Of course, your success has come by the sweat of your brow and many sleepless nights.  But consider the advantages you enjoyed that are so valuable to your success.  Your education, the education your employees received, the fact that you live in a country where entrepreneurship is rewarded!  It’s time to think about how you can give back.

Most of us feel grateful for what we have.  Gratitude is actively giving back.  There is no shortage of needy organizations that are worthy of your time and money.  Look for a need that personally resonates with you and your employees.  What ways can you get involved?  Is there a board you sit on?  Maybe a day of the month a portion of sales will be designated for your charity.  Volunteering your time to help with a weekend activity is important, how about paying your employees to spend one day a month to assist the charity?

There are some great benefits to your company when your entire company is involved in giving.  What started as a morning building a house or working in a warehouse becomes a valuable team building experience.   Be sure to build on the excitement of your companies giving by posting about it on your company’s social websites.  Your customers and your prospects want to do business with companies that care about their community.

Every business owner is setting an example to their employees and customers.  By focusing on just one or two causes, you will find that you can both impact your community and build a healthier company.

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