The Value of Cross-Training Employees

employer cross-training an employeeThe Value of Cross-Training Employees

There are many advantages to cross-training employees.  The greatest advantage being that in the absence of an employee, someone is available to step in and keep the business going as usual.  Any disruptions in operations or other transitions can be handled, allowing the business to continue to run smoothly.  No business should depend on one employee for anything.

Another advantage of cross-training is that it shows your employees that their development is being considered.  They will be adding to their skills and given an increased sense of worth.  This will guarantee a team of well-trained workers, increasing production and positivity.

Cross-training increases accountability.  When an employee knows someone else is capable of doing their job, it will make them more likely to be accountable.  While it may also make them worried, they will realize that they also have the skills needed to do other jobs in office as well, which is where the greater feeling of worth comes into play.   Learning the skills of others also brings respect between employees and helps them all to understand the operations of the business.

Cross-training is key to efficiency.  It forces employees to look at the way they do things while training someone else to do it.    Teaching others to a job forces that employee to answer questions and explain why they do things a certain way.  There may be a learning process when another employee sees a better and more efficient way to do a specific task.  In the long run, your business office will run more efficiently.

Incorporate end of day checks.  This has a dual purpose.  Each employee will have to show the work they have produced that day and be accountable for doing all that was required.  Everyone will have increased knowledge and skills.

Of course, you, as the boss should be able to do all of these jobs in your office.  What if there was weather or some other emergencies that prevented your employees from showing up?  Some businesses have sales personnel. They too should understand the operations of the business and be able to step in should an emergency situation arise.  It is non-productive to have to arrange for help from an outside source.

Cross-training will allow you to provide consistent service to your clients no matter what disruptions arise in your office while increasing your employee’s skill development and understanding of the business.  It takes time to cross-train, however, it will be a big benefit to your business and your employees.

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