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With only three months left in 2015 many businesses sprint to wrap up the year on a successful note . With the upcoming holidays often leaving a gap in the operations and sales forces, it can be difficult to make the fourth quarter count. Here are some important tips for business owners that will help make 2015 a rewarding year.

Set goals

What do you want to accomplish in the quarter? Make a list and the steps you need to accomplish each.

Consider why you want to attain these goals. Do you want to situate your company for a strong new year? Are you working to become a leader in your industry? Knowing the real purpose behind each goal will help you communicate the overall strategy to your entire staff no matter at what level.


Once you know why and where you are headed plan how you will get there. Setting up a solid plan of attack is the best way to achieve your vision.

Rally your team

Your employees are an essential part of your business at every level be it sales, marketing or operations.  Even if your quarterly goals are only in sales or marketing it’s important that your employees as a whole understand what you want to accomplish by year end.

Ask for feedback

Your employees may have unique or collaborative ideas of how to accomplish the quarterly goals more efficiently. Promote involvements and be sure to ask for feedback.

Make sure each team member knows their role

Open communication allows team members to ask questions and voice concerns regarding the plan you have laid out. Allowing team members to clarify their tasks will help them achieve the goals you have set.

Set up rewards

Rewards help motivate employees. Whether you give employees a holiday bonus, a party or other recognition, reward deserving employees for their accomplishments in helping meet company goals.

Delegate and identify a leader

No matter the environment there always needs to be someone heading things up. Assign a leader for each that will give you honest information about the project, what is being accomplished, and problems that may be occurring.

Review and modify

Be willing to review your goals and modify things that aren’t working .  Be willing to learn from your mistakes and implement a new strategy before the end of the year.

Stay motivated

It can be hard to stay motivated around the holidays.  Keep your eye on the end result. Make sure you set up some rewards for yourself as well. The business owner deserves a bonus for his or her hard work, too.

Make sure to end your year off with a bang not a whimper. Get your fourth quarter planning done now and boost staff morale by finishing big this year!

By Jack Stieber –  President – American Receivable

image courtesy of iosphere at www.freedigitalphotos.net




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