Motivate team during the holidays

Keep Your Team Motivated During the Holidays

It’s easy to get off track during the holidays.  Employees can be distracted by the festivities, shopping and meals – especially while working from home.  It is important to keep your business on track at the end of the year, so keeping your employees focused on their goals is critical.  Also, you want to remind your employees that you are thankful for them as you have all survived this year together.

You can keep morale and productivity up with some simple gestures.

  • Decorate the office.  If your employees are working from home encourage them to share special decorations during Zoom meetings.
  • Provide a catered lunch.  This will take a little more planning if your employees are working from home, but with the help of Uber Eats or another delivery service.  Your employees will appreciate your extra effort.
  • Do a company giving tree or pick a charity that is especially meaningful to your employees to support. 

Small gestures will make your employees feel appreciated, people who feel appreciated work harder.


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